Those who thought about themselves and turned their backs on the people during protests in 2022

Seyed Hadi Kazemi (born on 13 Aban 1355 in Midane) is a film and television actor. He became famous with the series Shabhai Barreh and appeared in other works by Mehran Moderi. Among his other acting works, we can mention playing the roles of Nizam Dobarreh, Babashah, and Amir Yel Zohra Khani, Zal al-Dawlah, and Khorram. Seyyed Hadi Kazemi was born in Tehran on November 13, 1355. In a television program, he attributed his origin to one of the cities around the middle named Turk (Shahr). During his studies and in his teenage years, he played the stage. Later, he entered the university and continued his studies in the field of acting, a course that he believes did not help him and his progress in acting: “I didn’t learn anything in the university, but I had a professor named Mr. Damoud who taught me many things. He taught, but unfortunately, when I entered the university, I did not feel that I had learned anything there. For me, the university was more of an environment for more communication, that’s all. He entered television in 1375, but he became known to the general public by playing the role of “Nizam Dobarreh” in the series Shabhai Barreh, and from that work he somehow became a permanent member of the management team and appeared in almost all works after “Paverchin.” A manager was present. He has also acted in other films and series, among which we can mention the series “In the Eye of the Wind” in the role of Abbas, the hotel receptionist. Kazemi strengthened his position in humor with “Bitter Coffee” in the role of Babashah. He also played a role in the series Ali al-Badl, which aired in Nowruz 2016. Hadi Kazemi married Semane Pakdel in 2017 at the age of 41. This couple from Iranian cinema appeared in front of the camera together in the “13 North” contest. And then they got married.

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September 24, 2022 | 3:03 pm