Those who thought about themselves and turned their backs on the people during protests in 2022

Mohammadreza Ghafari, a film and television actor from our country, was born on August 6, 1364. This film and television actor is a graduate of graphic arts and continues to paint professionally, and because of his interest in acting, he entered the world of art by participating in acting classes. This artist of our country was born in a family of four, has an older sister, and lost his father when he was only one and a half years old. Mohammad Reza Ghafari went through many hardships from childhood to youth, and due to the absence of his father, there is a special relationship and interest between him and his mother. Mohammadreza Ghafari has not married and is single till date. According to himself, he is not thinking about marriage yet; this should happen to him; on the other hand, due to his great dependence on his family, he has not yet been able to accept the responsibility of marriage. Mohammad Reza Ghafari lost his father when he was only one and a half years old and related a bitter memory of his first day of school in the funny program. Mohammad Reza Ghafari was a guest of Mehran Moderi in the Durhami program in June 2019, and Mehran Moderi revealed an important secret about the actor’s life. Your entire beard and hair are white, and you dyed them just today, and it was so serious that it took a week for your hair to turn white, and almost all of it is white, and this young actor said in this regard: This is a hereditary problem, and it started at the age of 19. He said with a laugh, “But I paint very well. Another secret that Mehran Madiri revealed about Mohammad Reza Ghafari was that Mohammad Reza hits himself in his sleep and wakes up thinking that someone is there, and this actor from our country said about this: When I wake up, it takes a long time to feel good. A few days ago, I woke up and saw that my jaw hurt, and then I realized that I had punched myself, and a month ago, I woke up and saw that I had torn my clothes.

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September 24, 2022 | 3:03 pm