Those who thought about themselves and turned their backs on the people during protests in 2022

Saber Abar was born on June 18, 1363. He likes management and being a manager. He has worked on several interior design projects; he likes them. It is part of his life. He also paints. He is writing a research book with one of his friends, the topic of which is cafe-sitting in contemporary society. Despite all these different interests, he is strongly interested in acting. But he also likes acting on TV. He worked on a theater for the Karnameh Festival, which is the only private theater festival in the country, and which was also successful and won awards for directing, drama, female acting and stage design. He started his career in television by performing the Rainbow program, and then he hosted competitions such as 111 Seconds, and most of his work was the implementation of children’s and teenagers’ programs on television. Saber Abar is one of the presenters who was extremely successful when he entered the world of acting, and this happens to very few presenters. Saber Abar came to the cinema by acting in the film “The Garbage Poet”, directed by Mohammad Ahmadi, but he was seen for the first time in the movie “The Bell Ring” in the general release of the movie and won an award very soon. He played in 3 movies: A Simple Reception by Mani Haghighi, Barf Royi Kajaha by Peyman Maadi, and the end of Alireza Amini’s 8th Street in 2013. But he himself said in this regard that if Peyman Maadi, Homayun Asadian, and Mani Haghigi make three films again within a week of each other this year, he will appear in their films again. These are some of the people Abar likes to work with. His taste is close to that of these directors. He says: “The film that these directors make is a work that I would like to appear in. When this offer was made to me, I accepted it. Of course, it happened that I did not work for two years. Saber Abar won the best emerging actor award from the Rome Film Festival for his role in the movie Gas. Gas is a film directed and written by Kiaresh Esadizadeh, made in 2013.

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September 24, 2022 | 3:03 pm