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What happened at The Unity, Bridge to Freedom in Toronto?

The “Unity, Bridge to Freedom” gathering is currently taking place in Toronto. The organizer of this event is the Tirgan … Continue reading ➝

Amir Tataloo unveiled her new fiancé in Antalya

Amir Tataloo, a popular music singer living in Turkey, said that he has prepared a special surprise for his fans … Continue reading ➝

Why did women’s clothing become controversial in Stadium Azadi?

Female spectators have also settled on the south side of the stadium, and their number is gradually increasing. Also, Russian … Continue reading ➝

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Government mercenaries and supporters of Ebrahim Raisi during protests in 2022

Khodadad Azizi (born 22 June 1971) is a football coach and former player who played as a striker. In December … Continue reading ➝

The Bodyguards of Ali Khamenei in the pictures

Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei (About this soundlisten); born 19 April 1939) is a Twelver Shia Marja’ and the second and … Continue reading ➝

The Legend Ali Daei’s EX Wife in London

Ali Daei (born 21 March 1969) is a former professional footballer, football manager and businessman. A striker, he was the … Continue reading ➝

Mojtaba Khamenei, son of the “Supreme Leader” security guard in Public

Sayyid Mojtaba Hosseini Khamenei (born 8 September 1969) is a son of Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader. He served in … Continue reading ➝