Those who thought about themselves and turned their backs on the people during protests in 2022

Nasim Adabi, a film and television actor from our country, was born on September 17, 1355. This artist of our country completed his studies in drama, majoring in acting, at Azadeh University and started his career in the world of acting with theater. Nasim Adabi is one of those interested in the world of acting who entered this field with their own efforts and was able to gain a firm foothold for themselves in the world of art. In addition to acting, he is also very interested in the worlds of music and directing. This artistic lady is also skilled in housekeeping, makes fish roe in her own style, and is a good cook. Mahmoud Kalari is the famous cinematographer of Nasim Adabi’s uncle, but many people and artists are not aware of this family relationship. Nasim Adabi stated about the concealment of this family relationship on the night Mehran Madiri was a guest on the Durhami program: “When I first started working, my grandmother asked Mr. Clary to help me enter this profession, and Mr. Clary said that I have no I will not help, and as I worked hard for this profession, anyone who wants to enter this profession must work hard, and if someone has the talent, he will find his way.” Nasim Adabi is married and married, and his husband, Mr. Ebrahim Taftani, is a composer in our country. The story of the acquaintance of Nasim Adabi and his wife goes back to the show Shams and Parandeh in 1983, where Nasim Adabi was an actor and Ebrahim Taftani was its composer. After a few years, with a serious face and a lot of strictness, Ebrahim Naftani was able to attract the positive opinion of the actress, and finally, the marriage of the artist couple took place around 1988. Nasim Adabi said in the Durhami program about his joint appearance with his wife in Shams Parandeh’s show: “Mr. Nafehani was very rude and I was supposed to perform a piece in front of him and they were very strict. I probably performed this piece maybe a hundred times, and at first every moment I hated them more, but later we became interested in each other. Nasim Adabi is one of the artists who is interested in having a child and experiencing the feeling of motherhood, but she finds it difficult to have a child despite her acting job and the busy life of an artist, and she has not yet been able to make a serious decision to have a child. Nasim Adabi started acting in the theater and first appeared on the stage in 1372 with the play Tanbur Nawaz, directed by Hadi Marzban. After that, he acted in many plays, films, and series and gained different experiences. The Twins series, directed by Hormoz Hedayat in 1975, was this actress’s first TV series, and the film Life, directed by Asghar Hashemi in 1976, was her first acting experience.

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September 24, 2022 | 3:03 pm