Healthy Foods That Can Be Unhealthy When You Overeat Them

Eating too many bananas can cause tooth decay. Just like sugar, this fruit can produce tooth-damaging bacteria that hurt your … Continue reading ➝

Closing Ceremony of the 5th Parvaz Film Festival in homeland

But these days, even ordinary people like you and I, can create our own red carpet-themed party. All it takes … Continue reading ➝

The Singer “Reza Sadeghi” and Wifey in the picture

Reza Sadeghi initially picked up guitar lessons and recorded his first compositions, which were circulated in his home town years … Continue reading ➝

Some New Fashion Style tips in 2022

Seyedeh Anashid Hosseini, was born on February 25, 1991 in Ahvaz and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. When … Continue reading ➝

Elnaz Shakerdoost playing futsal in the capital

Elnaz Shakerdoost (born 28 June 1984) is an actress. in 2019, at the 37th Fajr Film Festival she won Crystal … Continue reading ➝

Russian woman who became the most beautiful woman in the world

Al -Marsad newspaper – agencies: Russian Ksenia Davydova won the 2021 International Women’s Beauty Contest, becoming the most beautiful married … Continue reading ➝

Maria Farhad crowned as the first Miss Iraq 2021

The Miss Iraq organization hosted the coronation ceremony on 29th July 2021 in Baghdad, Iraq, where Maria Farhad Salem was … Continue reading ➝

The Actresses Donating Blood With Success in the capital

If you are borderline anemic or follow a diet that may be low in iron, this step is extremely important. … Continue reading ➝

Is Lady Gaga Still With Boyfriend Michael Polansky?

Michael is a Harvard graduate who, with Sean Parker (co-founder of Facebook), co-created the Parker foundation, an organisation supporting philanthropic … Continue reading ➝

John Cena Talks On “Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Sometimes, there’s no one better to roast you than your significant other. John Cena opened up about the one thing … Continue reading ➝

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