What happened at The Unity, Bridge to Freedom in Toronto?

The “Unity, Bridge to Freedom” gathering is currently taking place in Toronto. The organizer of this event is the Tirgan … Continue reading ➝

Amir Tataloo unveiled her new fiancé in Antalya

Amir Tataloo, a popular music singer living in Turkey, said that he has prepared a special surprise for his fans … Continue reading ➝

Why did women’s clothing become controversial in Stadium Azadi?

Female spectators have also settled on the south side of the stadium, and their number is gradually increasing. Also, Russian … Continue reading ➝

Female artists on the bed before the revolution

Frank Mir Qahari was born on July 15, 1323, while his father, Colonel Seyyed Baqer Mir Qahari, along with his … Continue reading ➝

Hale Nazari, an actress who currently lives in Los Angeles

Hale Nazari, an actress who currently lives in Los Angeles, has a TV show. He started his artistic career in … Continue reading ➝

Artists and athletes celebrated Nowruz with their families

Dariush was born in the capital to parents from Mianeh on February 4, 1951. He spent his early years in … Continue reading ➝

Introducing the watches of famous sports and artistic figures

Formiga and Ali Daei prepare to announce the winner of the FIFA Fair Play award during The Best FIFA Football … Continue reading ➝

Jill and Joe Biden celebrates Nowruz at the White House

President Joe Biden used a White House event to mark Persian New Year on Monday to pay tribute to women … Continue reading ➝

Reza Pahlavi’s family celebrated Nowruz with Farah Pahlavi

Nowruz is a symbol of hope. For the first time in a long time, my true feeling is this: I … Continue reading ➝

The actress Aram Jafari became Marilyn Monroe!

She started his acting career in the first year of middle school at the School of Arts and Letters of … Continue reading ➝

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