Those who were concerned with their own interests and turned their backs on the zealous (series c)

Ashkan Khatibi is a film and television actor born on October 19, 1358. He is a presenter and an actor. This talented artist of our country is a theater graduate from Islamic Azad University, who performs, produces, directs, sings, plays, and teaches in addition to acting. Ashkan Khatibi was born in Mallard Mill in Alborz province and into a Henry family. His father enjoyed poetry and literature, and his mother appreciated artistic works. Ashkan Khatibi has a brother named Irfan who is educated in music. Ashkan Khatibi got married in 1991, but after some time, he separated from his wife and married Anahita Dargahi again at the age of 37 in 1995. Anahita Dargahi is a talented painter and actress of Iranian cinema and was born on Bahman 8, 1365. She married Mohammad Parveen (a football player), son of Ali Parveen, in 1393, but the couple separated for less than a year and she married Ashkan Khatibi in 1395. In 1977, after being introduced by the student theater, Ashkan Khatibi played a role in the movie Daftari Yaz Eman, but this movie was not broadcast, and after that he followed the theater professionally and worked with great people such as Homa Rusta, Alireza Koushak Jalali, and more. Most of all, Mohammad Rahmanian has cooperated. Ashkan Khatibi’s first directing experience in the theater was in 1981 with the show “Death and Maiden.” So far, Ashkan Khatibi has acted in shows such as “Zimestan”, “Manifest Chu”, “Khodei Kashtar”, “Majlis Zabat Zadan” and… Ashkan Khatibi was not very interested in acting and entered this field for financial reasons. He says: “I was not very interested in acting and I started acting for a practical reason. I needed money, and in those years, I could not earn from any other profession the way I earned money from acting. Theater was low-income and expensive, and I could pay for my theatrical work by acting on television. This is how I became an actor. ” Ashkan Khatibi’s entry into television dates back to 1378, when he played a role in the Hamsafar series directed by Bagheri Jafari. In 1983, he played a role in the movie “Very Far, Very Near” and entered the field of cinema. In the second year of university, after meeting Babak Saeedi (composer and music teacher), this artist formed a band called Band Apollon, and then they started working as composers in theaters. Until 1996, he was in charge of a music group called Trafiq, and he has great expertise in playing the piano, violin, guitar, and sometimes harmonica. In 1999, Khatibi and a group of his friends released an attractive music video called “Give me your hands” in the days leading up to Nowruz, which was well received. Ashkan Khatibi has two valid degrees in the field of English translation and sometimes translates English plays into Persian. He taught stage acting abroad for some time, but now he is teaching acting at an art institute. Ashkan Khatibi believes that people who experience the stage first are always more successful and receive basic training. That’s why one of his teaching styles is teaching on the theater stage. Ashkan Khatibi is also an accomplished performer, having appeared on shows such as “New Design House,” “Baharistan,” “Formula One,” and “Gap.” In 1996, he was one of the coaches of the Laughing Show competition in the funny program and participated in the talent search for emerging stand-up comedians. In addition to these activities, Ashkan Khatibi ran a restaurant named Nana, but due to his busy schedule as an actor, he did not have enough time to run a restaurant and abandoned it. Its main authors are Negar Javaherian and Ashkan Khatibi. Khatoon is the story of the life of a woman named Khatoon, played by Negar Javaherian. This film tells the story of this woman’s life during the turbulent period of Iran’s occupation by the Allies. Ashkan Khatibi returned to acting after seven years away with the series “Khatoon.” In this series, Ashkan Khatibi plays the role of Khatoon’s wife, Shirzad Malek, who is a high-ranking officer (deputy of the second pillar of the army) and a strict soldier, who faces great challenges in her life in 1320.

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