Those who were concerned with their own interests and turned their backs on the zealous (series c)

Dariush Fadziai, born on August 1, 1352 in Javadiyeh, is a presenter and program maker. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphics, became famous by hosting a children’s program under the stage name Amo Pourang, and now he also makes programs. Since I was a child, I loved watching Indian movies. The feeling in Indian movies was unique in my opinion. I was very interested in acting, so after watching these movies, I played them for my brothers and sisters, and I was paid food like puffs. During my childhood, I was very imaginative. My imagination went so far that I found an imaginary friend and spent most of my time with this friend. As far as we can imagine, it worried my parents at some point, but when they saw that me and this imaginary friend were of no use to anyone, they stopped worrying. At the end of 1378, when he was 26 years old, Dariush Faziai was in a children’s collection called Turang and Porang. It entered the television frame, which was seen a lot. Then, in Ramadan 2013, he performed his own program called Amoop Varang, which became very successful and became famous. When the late Manouchehr Nowzari took the test from me, he told me that I could not succeed in the test and kicked me out of his room. I came back at the same time and said that I had something to say about my work, and it was not until 10 years later that he invited me to the hot seat program. I was his last guest on this show, where he said he liked my work. At the age of 20 and 21, before becoming famous, Dariush Fadziai proposed three times, but because of the difference in social rank, he got no answer all three times. It was in the three-star program with the performance of Ehsan Alikhani that Uncle Pourang was chosen by public vote as the third best performer of the year, along with Adel Ferdosipour and Rambad Javan. Ampoorang met him in 1996 through the Iranian doctor Shahrukh Khan, who said that he was a very good and great Indian actor. Sometimes my heart burns for the child I never had, and I say to myself that I may not be able to give as much time to my child as I gave to other children. But still, I think I will be a good father to my child because I really love children. I had a very good childhood, and by the way, everyone says that I was very different from my peers at that time. When they praise me, they say that I was very special. My essays, writings, clothes, etc. were special. Looking back and reviving memories is sweet for me. I love the world of children and I enjoy being with them, but this enjoyment does not mean that I do not have my own personal life. I have my own personal life off camera, and I can’t be expected to be full of energy at all times.

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September 27, 2022 | 5:22 pm