The most expensive food in the capital is only $ 60

The most popular dishes in Nayeb Cheloo restaurant are roasted chicken, roasted chicken and chelo kebab. Nayeb restaurant serves Chelo Chicken Kebab in a 350 gram model with a price of 192 thousand Tomans and a distinguished name, and receives a special Chelo Chicken Kebab weighing 250 grams for 125 thousand Tomans. The price of excellent and special vice kebab chicken feed is 155 thousand Tomans and 88 thousand Tomans, respectively. Naib kebab food consists of two skewers weighing 240 grams and its price reaches 90,000 Tomans. You have to pay 269 thousand Tomans for a premium leaf chelokbab weighing 330 grams, and for a Majlisi leaf chelokbab weighing 240 grams, 229 thousand Tomans. The most expensive food on the menu is Nayeb Chelokbab Soltani. This food consists of a leaf kebab skewer weighing 240 grams, a mutton kebab skewer weighing 220 grams and 400 grams of Iranian rice, for which an invoice of 289 thousand Tomans is issued.

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May 9, 2022 | 8:51 pm