The most expensive food in the capital is only $ 60

Sour chicken and sour kebab are the most popular dishes on the menu of Gilaneh restaurant. For the first you have to pay 130 thousand tomans and for the second you have to pay 215 thousand tomans. The price of a special shredded kebab press in Gilaneh restaurant is 75,000 Tomans, and the price of a Chengjeh kebab press, including a 300-gram skewer of flavored lamb, and Durchin has been set at 215,000 Tomans. Naturally, some of the customers go to this restaurant for local food in Gilaneh and in the menu with Longi chicken food 215 thousand Tomans, neck food (weighing 450 grams) 220 thousand Tomans, Fosanjan stew 94 thousand Tomans, Fear chicken stew 93 thousand Tomans, Nardon chicken costs 89 thousand Tomans, glass stew 80 thousand Tomans, bean stew 68 thousand Tomans and sour wash stew 92 thousand Tomans. The most expensive food on the menu of Gilaneh restaurant is white fish weighing 550 grams, for which you have to pay 250,000 Tomans. A perch press is sold for 200,000 Tomans in Gilaneh restaurant and a salmon press is sold for about 120,000 Tomans.

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May 9, 2022 | 8:51 pm