The most expensive food in the capital is only $ 60

The most expensive food in the menu of Hani restaurant costs 294 thousand tomans. This money is paid by customers for a Solukani chelokbab press, which includes a lamb skewer, a leaf skewer and rice. In the same restaurant, a press of lentil pilaf with muscle is sold for 253 thousand Tomans and a press of lentil pilaf with slaughtered meat is sold for 224 thousand Tomans. Vegetable pilaf with lamb at Hani restaurant costs 219 thousand Tomans and legume pilaf with muscle should be bought for 248 thousand Tomans. The price of sweet pilaf with muscle reaches 261 thousand tomans. Cherry pilaf with muscle is invoiced with the same figure. Hani restaurant sells the price of Chelokbab Wazir for 203 thousand Tomans and Chelokbab Barg for 215 thousand Tomans. You have to pay 120,000 Tomans for tongue food and 205,000 Tomans for shrimp food. Hani green vegetable stew costs 118 thousand Tomans and Hani ghee stew costs 108 thousand Tomans.

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May 9, 2022 | 8:51 pm