The 5 Absolute rubbish Tanks in the World

One of the most iconic tanks of the Second World War was the Soviet T-34 medium tank. The T-34, conceived in great secrecy in Stalinist Russia, featured a powerful 76.2-millimeter main gun, good armor protection, and good cross-country mobility. By 1945, the tank— armed with a heavier 85-millimeter gun and improved armor, now dubbed the T-34/85—was spearheading the Russian Army’s drive on Berlin. Nearly 80 years later, the North Korean People’s Army’s thrifty reserve forces still operate T-34/85 tanks. They’ve been overhauled and fitted with new running gear and slat armor designed to pre-detonate the warheads of anti-tank missiles. Despite these modest improvements, the lifetime of a T-34/85 in a match against South Korean K-2 tanks and American M1A2 tanks would be measured in seconds, depending on how long it took its adversaries to load their guns.

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April 17, 2022 | 5:05 pm