Shohreh Mousavi, one of the directors of the Badran Company, who defrauded people by selling the fraudulent token “King Money” (a fake currency code)

Shohreh Mousavi, as the vice president of the women’s football federation, not only does not help the women’s department these days, but with Esmi’s presence in this position, she also causes problems for the women’s committee, which ultimately affects women’s football and futsal. According to ISNA, the unveiling of the jersey of the men’s national football team in the World Cup, which was held on Tuesday night, November 17, was not without its sidelines, and the legal cases of Shohreh Mousavi, the vice president of this federation, were also dragged to the sidelines of this ceremony. A number of people gathered in front of the Milad Tower conference hall to protest the presence of Shohreh Mousavi on the Federation’s board of directors. They believed that Mousavi should not be a member of the board of the football federation because of the court cases.

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November 13, 2022 | 12:03 am