Shohreh Mousavi, one of the directors of the Badran Company, who defrauded people by selling the fraudulent token “King Money” (a fake currency code)

There are many questions about Mousavi’s continued work as the vice president of the Football Federation: a vice president who is absent from his post and, on the other hand, is involved in legal cases. As the head of the women’s committee of the federation, he has the main responsibility of planning and organizing this department. The inattention of the officials of the football federation to the determination and assignment of the position of Shahreh Mousavi can harm the women’s section and hinder its progress. Although a camp and several preparatory meetings have been planned for the women’s national football team, women need well-organized, correct, and long-term planning in order to be on the path to progress. A program in which the vice president of the women’s federation has a key role.

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November 13, 2022 | 12:03 am