Shohreh Mousavi, one of the directors of the Badran Company, who defrauded people by selling the fraudulent token “King Money” (a fake currency code)

In this regard, Mohammad Hossein Hamisi, the guard of the federation, announced that “Mousavi is not allowed to join the football federation until his problem is solved.” At the same time, Safiullah Faghanpour, the legal adviser to the head of the federation, explained about Mousavi’s status on the board of the federation: “He is one of the members of the board.” According to the constitution of the football federation, they can continue their work until they have a final decision. Due to the fact that he did not attend three of the four official meetings of the Board of Governors so far, he has the chance to miss one more meeting. He attended some of the meetings online. He also attended the meeting last Saturday in person, so there is no problem for him to attend the Federation. They don’t have football.

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November 13, 2022 | 12:03 am