M. Tanabandeh and H. Seyyedi acknowledges receiving the Orizzonti Award for Best Actor and Best Film for “World War III”

“World War III” as a movie wouldn’t be remotely compelling if not for the multidimensional and fantastic performance of Mohsen Tanabadeh as Shakib. Eagle-eyed fans would recognize Tanabadeh in Asgar Farhadi’s “A Hero” as Bahram, one of the primary “antagonists,” but here Tanabadeh is essentially a one-man show. From the opening of the movie, where Tanabadeh’s Shakib is interacting with Ladan in ASL, to the final frame, where he walks back in his Hitler garb to the lunch table, he is mesmerizing in the film. There is a hidden vulnerability and sadness in his eyes, which slowly bubbles over and completely boils over as tragedy strikes. It is perhaps symbolic that Shakib is chosen as Hitler or that the director’s instructions become far too embedded in Shakib’s psyche because as his character reaches his breaking point, the choice he makes is eerily terrifying. And Tanabadeh sells it completely.

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September 10, 2022 | 6:29 pm