M. Tanabandeh and H. Seyyedi acknowledges receiving the Orizzonti Award for Best Actor and Best Film for “World War III”

I am inclined to believe that director Houman Seyyedi played with our expectation of watching a meta film, because “World War III” is decidedly not just about that. World War III follows Shakib, a day laborer who lost his wife and child in an earthquake a few years ago and is still wracked with grief. Within the next few years, he strikes up a relationship with Ladan, a deaf and mute sex worker. He works and sweats at a construction site when one day he is forced to act as one of the prisoners in a concentration camp. It finally dawns on him that he is working in a production of a World War II movie (a badly made and inaccurate one, which the movie doesn’t hesitate to point out).

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September 10, 2022 | 6:29 pm