Uniting Behind Putin: Maria Zakharova’s Urgent Plea for Support

Amidst the chaos sparked by the Wagner group’s rebellion, Maria Zakharova stepped forward as the voice of the Russian government, imploring the people not to abandon their leader. Her plea comes at a critical juncture when unity and solidarity are of utmost importance. Zakharova stresses the need for the nation to stand together, supporting President Putin in this time of crisis. By issuing this appeal, she hopes to prevent any further disarray within the country and ensure a swift resolution to the conflict.

Women who hold public office are analyzed, judged, and criticized for their appearance much more than their male counterparts. Their physical appearance and fashion choices are policed and restricted. As scholar Katherine Waller states, societal focus on fashion and appearance is important, stating “Primarily, it is valuable because it is a reflection of the values we hold as a society as well as representation of what we expect from women in power.

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June 23, 2022 | 4:17 pm