Those who thought about themselves and turned their backs on the people during protests in 2022

Yousef Timuri, a film and television actor, was born on January 6, 1358. He has a graduate degree from the Academy of Sound and Cinema. Youssef Timuri Waqif was born in the west of Tehran. His father, “Feridon Timuri,” was a national radio and television announcer before the revolution, and his mother was a housewife. He has two sisters and one brother and is the second child in the family. Youssef Timuri married a Thai lady named Rapan a few years ago. The two met in Thailand when they were both buying crystals from the same store and ended up getting married. Mrs. Rapan had a son by her ex-husband, whom Yusuf Timuri first introduced as his own son, but after a while, he stated that Armin was not his son and sent his wife and son to Thailand to continue their education. Yusuf Timuri announced the news of his divorce with his wife and said, “My wife has left me for some time and now I am single. In addition to acting, he is also engaged in the import and export of chandeliers, and he said in an interview that when he is not involved in acting, he is engaged in the export and import of modern chandeliers. Youssef Timuri is also very talented at playing the guitar. Ever since he was a child, he was very interested in football, especially goalkeeping, and because of his success in goalkeeping and his fear of being hit by the ball, he turned to boxing. He still follows boxing and practices daily because he believes that boxing helps to keep the rhythm of the body right in acting. In 1373, when he was 15 years old, Yusef Timuri took a course in making animation films at Kalk Khayal company, and then, in 1374, he entered the acting classes of Ostad Saarigyan, where he was introduced to Mohammad Rahmanian by Nasrallah Radesh to act in the theater. Youssef Timuri played a role in the series “Fresh Air” in 1375 and got his first experience of acting in front of the camera. In 1976, he became known for the “Sib Khande” collection. Youssef Timuri always considers Sib Khande as a standard and completely humorous work and says that by playing in this series with Reza Attaran, I got a degree in comedy. Yusuf Timuri’s fame reached its peak with the series “Majid Delbandam” directed by Reza Attaran and the series “Zir Aseman Shahr” by Mehran Ghafourian. Youssef Timuri entered the cinema scene in 2010 by acting in the movie Dokhtar Shirini Frush, written and directed by Iraj Tahmasb. Among his colleagues, he has a closer relationship with Shahab Hosseini, Javad Razovian, and Reza Shafiei Jam. The reality show “Joker”, directed by Ehsan Alikhani and Seyyed Hamed Mirftahi, is a comedy and family genre produced in 1400, in which a number of famous artistic, sports, social, etc. figures compete in a closed room to make each other laugh. Youssef Timuri is one of the participants of the fourth season of the Joker program, who in this season created a commotion by performing strange and humorous movements with a cactus, and his attempt to make other participants laugh was popular in the virtual space. The City of Cats is a film directed and written by Seyyed Javad Hashemi, which is made for children and teenagers, and in which artists such as Alireza Khamse, Nyusha Zaighmi, Yusuf Timouri, Farhad Aish, Amin Zandaghani, Amir Ghafarmanesh, Mir Taher Mazloumi, Elika Abdul Razzaghi, Maryam Saadat and… have played a role. The story of the City of Cats is about a competition that is being held due to the conspiracy of the ruler of the City of Cats, and the cats of Garbistan decide to participate in it in their greed to achieve their dreams, unaware that the ruler wants to save their lives with the help of Grafsur’s research.

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September 24, 2022 | 3:03 pm