Googoosh’s Untold Story: Revealing Her Secret Third Marriage

Recent projects include a new collaboration with singer-songwriter Hassan Shamaizadeh from her 2012 album Ejaz, as well as serving as head judge and head of academy for the popular reality show Googoosh Music Academy broadcast on London-based satellite channel Manoto 1.

The revelation of Googoosh’s third marriage has added a new chapter to the already rich narrative of her life. Fans and followers are intrigued by the details of her personal life, especially given the mystery that surrounded her during the years she spent in Iran post-revolution.

Googoosh’s marriage to Homayoun Masadaghi, who was the owner of an insurance company in Iran, began at the end of 1978, just before the 1979 revolution. The marriage lasted for over a decade, ending in 1989. This period coincided with the years when Googoosh was forced into silence by the Iranian regime, which had banned female singers from performing. Despite this, she remained in Iran, a decision that was both courageous and fraught with personal sacrifice.

Her subsequent marriage to Masoud Kimiai, a notable Iranian film director, from 1991 to 2003, is better documented and was more public. During her marriage to Kimiai, Googoosh remained out of the public eye in terms of her music career but was still a significant figure in Iranian cultural discussions.

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September 27, 2021 | 6:57 pm