The TV Host “Hamid Shabkhiz” Granddaughter birthday in the U.S.


Break the tradition by handing out party favors when the party begins. Get creative by packing face masks and individual hand sanitizers that match the party theme. Also, it seems like a good way to set some rules with younger guests on how to wear face coverings and practice social distancing. A learning opportunity, like knot-tying, painting, cookie decorating, LEGO-building, magic tricks, or science experiments could be the party theme. Preparing kits ahead of time and dropping them off to each child invited to the party the day before the event is something you and your child can do together. It’s also exciting for the invitees to receive and prep before the party starts. Depending on the chosen activity, you can teach the class yourself or call on another parent, friend, or even a neighbor who may have a fun skill to teach. Whoever is teaching the class, make sure they know to constantly check in with the kids to see how they are doing, keeping them engaged and also keeping the party lively!


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September 18, 2021 | 10:35 am