The TV Host “Hamid Shabkhiz” Granddaughter birthday in the U.S.


Before you decide on any in-person social gatherings, check your state and town guidelines to make sure what they recommend during the pandemic. Guidelines may vary depending on the COVID-19 cases in your area. If you decide to do a small gathering, here are a few things to keep in mind. An option that has a little more human interaction would be to do a birthday car rally. Prepare clues ahead of time and have all party-goers, along with their parents, meet in a large open parking lot, parking a safe distance away from each other. Sporting a mask if you can’t properly distance and with clean hands, hand out the car rally instructions and clues. For example, you could do a car rally based on the birthday child’s most favorite things: hockey arena, restaurant, store, park, playground, etc.


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September 18, 2021 | 10:35 am