The TV Host “Hamid Shabkhiz” Granddaughter birthday in the U.S.


The next idea also falls into the ‘more human contact’ category, but with a few tricks it can be a safe experience for everyone and can be a craft to keep kids busy prior to the event. Host your own drive-in movie! Each kid will need to design their own homemade car and bring it to the birthday party. Include an instruction sheet with your invitation. The cars would be made out of cardboard boxes the children can decorate. The kids must be able to sit inside of their chosen ‘car.’ Once they arrive at the party, they will see x’s on the lawn where they are to park their cars for the drive-in. These markers will, of course, be six feet apart from each other. Using a projector and a white sheet or wall, play the chosen movie; you could even do this inside a garage with the door open if the weather isn’t cooperative. To keep the kids in place, there is a little work for you because you are the hostess handing out popcorn, licorice, pop, and other movie treats throughout the movie (again, sporting a mask if you can’t properly distance and handing out the party treats with clean hands). Just for the photo op alone, this birthday party theme is a winner! Kids in their homemade cars, watching a drive-in movie? Adorable!

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September 18, 2021 | 10:35 am