The system’s dependable commanders who use every rent for economic corruption 

Another document of Mehdi Taj’s violations, this time in the corruption of Foulad Mobarakeh, has been published. Mehdi Taj, the former president of the Football Federation and one of the current candidates for the presidency of the same federation, has amassed more than 900 million Tomans from his return to illegal service at Mobarake Steel Company.The former player of the national football team emphasized that he himself says that we have come to solve the cases. It was you. The number of convictions would be much less if the people of this country had the opportunity to make up for such mistakes. He, who was talking to the top football program, continued: “The selection process is wrong because there is no other person but him. When we set the limits, the head of the federation can collect votes for the next round. If he doesn’t want to do it himself, the supported person puts himself in his place. Is there no such thing as a manager in our country? What did you do in football that allowed football management and elites to come in and solve the problems?The gentlemen say that they have had 10 years of football management experience, while it can be learned in two days. The former player of Iran’s national football team continued his harsh words regarding the candidacy of Mehdi Taj in the elections of the football federation and said: “By the way, we want a manager who does not know about the current corrupt football relations.” Each of the football managers has come and left the footsteps of the previous one. Well, it is clear that football cannot be fixed. He continued: “Bring a person, for example, from abroad, who does not know what is going on in this game. He should know our capacity and abilities and give us a plan. If Taj does not vote, another person will, and they are all the same.The former player of Iran’s national football team said: “It is really regrettable and this election is a disappointing step back. Taj is an Iranian football club with a place in the AFC.Then he wonders if Infantino or Sheikh Salman called him Mahdi! So they are very close to him. In fact, he expects to be called Mr. Taj.

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October 8, 2022 | 10:16 pm