The system’s dependable commanders who use every rent for economic corruption 

Mustafa Ajurlo (born in 1349) is a retired military officer, university lecturer, and executive director, who currently works as the CEO of Esteghlal Football and is also a member of the faculty of Imam Hossein University. He has a master’s degree in public administration from the University and a doctorate in systems management from Imam Hossein University and started his career in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the 27th Division of Muhammad Rasulullah. He also had Steel Azin and Tabriz Tractor Club in his career. He also has a first-class degree in football coaching. In the 2006 elections of the Football Federation, Mustafa Ajurlo was unable to obtain permission to participate in these elections; and after the participation of Sports Minister Aliabadi in the elections with the direct order of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the suspension of football And after that, Ali Kafashian was elected as the head of the federation for two terms. But he participated in the presidential elections of the Football Federation in 2015. In this election, he competed with Mehdi Taj and Azizullah Mohammadi for the presidency of the Football Federation until he could not get the presidency of this federation by getting 15 votes against Mehdi Taj’s 50 votes and Azizullah Mohammadi’s 6 votes. After The defeat in the election questioned the legitimacy of the election, called it political, and said that there was no difference between the governments of Ahmadinejad and Rouhani. He also criticized the Minister of Sports and Youth and Vice President Jahangiri and demanded that the relations between the three football officials and the government be made public in the presidential election of the Football Federation by the Ministry of Information. He accused the government of “electoral engineering” for Mehdi Taj Kord to win, which was done on the recommendation of the first deputy of the government. Ajurlo announced in an interview with the media that the government interfered in the elections through the Ministry of Sports and some political figures and asked the members to vote for Mehdi Taj.

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October 8, 2022 | 10:16 pm