Discover the Intriguing Life of Reyhaneh Parsa: Former Actress Thriving in Istanbul


Reyhaneh Parsa, born on February 23, 1999, has become a notable figure both for her acting prowess and her intriguing journey. Delve into the life of this talented actress who, after graduating from the conservatory with a drama degree, has found a new chapter in Istanbul.

Early Life and Career: Reyhaneh Parsa’s journey in the world of acting began early. Born on the first of Esfand 1999, she pursued her passion and graduated from the conservatory with a degree in drama. Her talent and dedication quickly propelled her into the spotlight, marking the start of a promising career in the entertainment industry.

Personal Transitions: At the age of 21, Reyhaneh experienced personal transitions that captured public attention. Her divorce from Mehdi Koushki made headlines, and in April 2009, her appearance on the Khandvaneh program, alongside Sina Mehrad, set records in terms of social media buzz and television viewership.


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September 12, 2021 | 2:24 pm