Discover the Intriguing Life of Reyhaneh Parsa: Former Actress Thriving in Istanbul


Navigating Expat Life: For expats, the paperwork doesn’t end after the move. A visit to the Aksaray Police Station within 30 days of arrival is necessary to pick up the residence permit, which is valid for one year and renewable. Joining expat communities like Internations and exploring resources like The Guide Istanbul and Time Out Istanbul helps newcomers integrate seamlessly into the vibrant Istanbul lifestyle.

Words of Wisdom: Reyhaneh Parsa’s journey and experiences serve as an inspiration for those contemplating a move to Istanbul. Visiting the city beforehand, securing a job, and familiarizing oneself with local resources and communities are valuable steps to ensure a smooth transition to this dynamic and culturally rich metropolis.

Explore the allure of Istanbul through Reyhaneh Parsa’s eyes, where the past meets the present, and the vibrant energy of the city becomes a backdrop for a new chapter in her life.


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September 12, 2021 | 2:24 pm