The Censored Life of Shaya Goldust: “The streets of the city were tunnels of terror”

What was the reaction of those around you and society to your surgery?Did you get what you expected? As an experience, I say that the society and people around you will not be good at first. I personally worked with the people around me for a few years before the operation. However, when I had surgery, the opinions of those around me and society at large were not very positive.I lost my job several times. Of course, there were many people who understood my situation. But society as a whole was not as ready to accept it as it is today. Many families are now familiar with these people’s plight.Many parents notice a difference in their children’s behavior when they are young.But it took me years to explain my situation to my family. Today, when I see the reactions and interactions with myself and compare them with the past, I see that their minds are more ready to listen, but it should be noted that a large segment of society still does not have the least knowledge in this field due to cultural and religious issues. They do not even accept the presence of these people in society. They consider this natural state to be a “sin,” and some consider it to be a sign of the end times, or even that people look at us with the eyes of a corrupt few, which includes religious and non-religious people, and a group out of compassion. We are seen as patients who need help and pity, as if we have a mental disorder! But gradually, awareness increased and doctors addressed this issue more. Students and young people who have worked on these issues based on their field of study have had a positive impact, but most people still have the mentality of the past. Is it possible that the desire to change gender is a temporary feeling? and be transient? Is there a way to reduce the desire to change gender?

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December 19, 2022 | 9:04 pm