The Censored Life of Shaya Goldust: “The streets of the city were tunnels of terror”

“Many homosexuals who have the same behavior as trans people are facing the same situation, and they are wrongly placed on the path of surgery because they can live more easily in society and be accepted.” On her Instagram page, Shaya communicates with a large audience and shares her experiences with the general public, answers their questions, and tries to increase the awareness of society not only about transgender people but also about all LGBT people. slow As someone who has experience with this surgery, when did you feel that you had to do this operation? Naturally, since childhood, I have felt that there is a difference between me and others. This difference increased when I entered school. But the peak of that period was puberty. To obtain sufficient information at the time, the internet was not as readily available as it is today.I had never even heard the word “trans.” When I was a student, I learned about transgender people and how gender reassignment surgery works.I did not even know about the possibility of surgery. But I followed up and researched and found out that this type of surgery is very difficult and very expensive and has an extraordinary risk, although not to the extent of the risk of death, but the risk of infection or loss of sexual sensation is one of the risks of this surgery. But I wanted this surgery to be done with all my heart, and I accepted all its problems.

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December 19, 2022 | 9:04 pm