The Censored Life of Shaya Goldust: “The streets of the city were tunnels of terror”

Now Shaya had to flee the days before the surgery; now “Ms. Goldust” was always afraid that a neighbor, an acquaintance, a colleague, or someone else would remember her as “Mr. Goldust,” and a new round of problems for her and her family would begin. As if laws, government, religion, custom, tradition, and society were never going to stop suppressing and censoring the human being that he was. But Shaya did not give up; he was not going to give up his dream of building himself brick by brick. Shaya was a citizen who wanted to live by himself, but “being himself” was not possible in his native land. Shaya immigrated to Turkey and now lives in Canada. He wears the clothes he chooses, walks the way he likes, and tries to live his life with the woman he loves to the fullest. Shaya Goldust is making a podcast and radio show these days and named her show on Rainbow Radio “I Am a Trans.”

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December 19, 2022 | 9:04 pm