The Actress “Afsaneh Bayegan” celebrating her birthday in the capital

When she was fifteen years old, encouraged by her mother, she participated in the Miss Iran pageant and came in second. In that year, Jaloh Palizban, a Kermanshahi finalist, was chosen as most worthy girl. In this ceremony, it was customary for the last year’s meritorious girl to put a special cloak on the shoulders of the new meritorious girl. At the age of eleven, she played a role in the short film “Booq” by Ali Alizadeh. But he started his career in cinema and television in 1360 by playing in the popular TV series “Sarbadaran.” A year later, she got her first movie role in the movie “Lost,” directed by Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh in 1364, and became one of the most prolific actresses in cinema and a superstar in the sixties. In the late seventies and early eighties, he stayed away from cinema for a few years due to work conditions because, according to him, even being forgotten was better for him than staying at any cost.

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January 15, 2023 | 9:16 pm