The Actress “Afsaneh Bayegan” celebrating her birthday in the capital

Afsaneh Bayegan (born 2 January 1961) is a film and television actress and beauty pageant titleholder who placed 2nd Runner-Up at Miss 1976 , her artistic career started with the short film Boogh or The Horn by Ali Alinejad (1982). Afsaneh Baygan, the artist, who previously published a picture of herself without a hijab, wished health to the people and the country on her birthday. Baigan is one of the artists who supported the national uprising and stood by the people. With the hashtag “woman, life, freedom,” he wrote on his Instagram: “In this blackness and coldness like a fireplace, I am always warm, always bright with love.”

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January 15, 2023 | 9:16 pm