Photos of TV broadcaster “Saman Arbabi” Parents in the picture

Saman Arbabi (born 1973) is a journalist, video director, cartoonist, host, creator, and executive producer of Voice of America’s satirical television shows Parazit and OnTen. His work has been called “civic satire”, comedy with a political and media mission. In 2009, Saman Arbabi created the show Parazit, a weekly half-hour Persian language satirical show. Parazit has been called “The Daily Show” and “best and least-loved show” and was one of the most popular shows, with an estimated 35 million viewers. Arbabi’s progressive and edgy style was copied so much, it prompted to coin a new term: “Paraziti,” meaning “like Parazit,” to refer to fans who dressed him. Parazit’s success inside prompted state-run media to launch character assassinations against Arbabi and his work, even creating its own satirical show to counter the effects of Parazit.

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November 26, 2021 | 7:00 pm