7 Natural Ways to Smell Good Without Perfume


There are nearly 400 different types of receptors in our nose that help us detect various odors, ranging from sweet to disgusting. It has been established that our sense of smell is not only for determining if food is rotten or not. It is a smell that enables us to find the right partner, determine someone’s age, and figure out if they are sick or healthy. As such, many people want to have a nice fragrance all the time. Below are some tips to enable you to achieve this.

1. Reduce intake of red meat and dairy products.

The food we consume can affect how we smell when we sweat, according to experts. For instance, red meat contains high levels of fatty acids, and if these substances cannot be broken down by the body, then sweat will have an offensive odor.

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts, can also be problematic. Once sulfur gets into the bacteria covering the skin surface of these vegetables, it brings about a stench like that of decayed eggs. Furthermore, in some people’s bodies, trimethylamine present in beans, eggs, or milk cannot be fully metabolized; hence, they excrete this organic compound through skin pores, making their flesh smell like fish.

It is advisable not to change your regular diet completely without consulting with a nutritionist, but you can try reducing your consumption of particular foods. Some scientists suggest increasing the intake of fresh fruits and fiber-rich meals as well. Furthermore, certain dermatologists argue that peppermint extract helps enhance the body’s odor while sweating.

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April 12, 2024 | 8:05 pm