Nadere Hakim Elahi, artist, painter, sculptor, and mother of actress Alidousti

Then in 1368, he learned pottery from Abdullah Mehri; in 1376, he started sculpting with Fayaz and continued with Shahabi. A film about his life titled Stone Dreams was screened at the 4th Fajr Visual Arts Festival. He Until now, he has used materials such as clay, stone, bronze, papier mache, etc. to make his sculptures, but in recent years he has focused most of his activities on the stone technique and believes that he prefers the stone technique to other sculpting techniques. In fact, he is one of the sculptors who has been continuously active in the field of stone, and various exhibitions of his works have been held until now. He is the founder of the Art Center Free School of Visual Arts in Rasht.

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December 23, 2022 | 8:46 am