Meet the makeup artist “Azita Arbab” daughter of former dancer” Jamileh” in the U.S.

Jamileh began her dancing career in the theater scene, and mostly performed a self-taught style of Bollywood dance in traditional cafés. Her first marriage was to J.R., a singer of the ruhowzi genre of musical comedy in traditional Persian theater. She then married Mohammad Arbâb, the owner of the Bakara-Mulan Ruzh cabaret. After marrying Arbâb, she continued dancing and performed in cabarets such as Arbâb’s Bakara-Mulan Ruzh as well as in her own cabaret, Lidu. Her marriage to Arbâb lasted until his death in 1973. Every woman can relate to the struggle of applying foundation only to have all the baby hairs on your face be emphasized. If you’re not into the idea of shaving your face, there is a little application trick to ensure that peach fuzz stays invisible. After you apply your foundation and powder, take a makeup brush and run it along your entire face in a downwards motion. This will make sure that those baby hairs lay flat against your skin.


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October 2, 2021 | 7:52 pm