Mojgan Shajarian Addresses Judgments: Unveiling Her Artistic Journey

Challenges in the realm of music, particularly restrictions on the release of albums featuring women’s voices in Iran, have not deterred Mojgan. Her independent album, “Arghavan,” released in April 2019, serves as a beacon of artistic determination. The album, with compositions by Sorena Sefati and featuring the poetry of renowned writers, encapsulates the profound stories of the Iranian people and immigrants navigating the complexities of existence.

Mojgan’s decision to make “Arghavan” freely available online is a powerful statement against the restrictive laws governing artistic expression in Iran. This move underscores her commitment to sharing her art and narratives with a broader audience, transcending the confines of societal norms.

As Mojgan Shajarian continues to navigate the intricate paths of her artistic journey, her story emerges as an inspiration for resilience and defiance against adversity. Beyond being an artist, she becomes a symbol for those facing similar challenges in expressing their creativity and identity within constrained environments.

” Regarding the restrictions on the release of music albums with women’s voices, Mojgan Shajarian published a post on social media: “Due to the unjust laws governing our country, it is not possible to publish Arghavan’s album, and for this reason, Arghavan is available for free on the Internet to those interested in . Mohammad Reza Shajarian founded a music group in 2008 and named it Shahnaz in honor of Jalil Shahnaz (a famous tar player). Mohammad Reza Shajarian works with Mojgan Shajarian’s daughters with this group.

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September 26, 2021 | 6:50 pm