Mojgan Shajarian Addresses Judgments: Unveiling Her Artistic Journey

Inspiring Resilience: Mojgan Shajarian’s Artistic Odyssey Unveiled

Mojgan Shajarian’s artistic journey is not merely a narrative of talent but a testament to resilience, creativity, and a commitment to breaking through artistic boundaries. Born in Tehran on May 17, 1970, Mojgan’s multifaceted talents as a painter, graphic designer, vocalist, and setar player weave a rich tapestry of artistic expression.

In a recent Instagram post, Mojgan addresses the judgments cast upon her, extending an invitation for deeper understanding. Her motive is not self-promotion but rather a bridge-building endeavor to justify the judgments of those who may perceive her knowingly or unknowingly.

The diversity of Mojgan’s educational background, including degrees in painting, graphic communication, and music, reflects a lifelong dedication to mastering various forms of artistic expression. Her marriage to Mohammad Ali Rafiei, intimately connected to her family’s musical legacy, adds a personal dimension to her artistic pursuits.

Her first independent album was released in April 2019 under the name of Arghavan. This album was composed by Sorena Sefati. In this album, the poems of poets such as Hushang Ebtehaj, Mohammad-Reza Shafiei Kadkani and Hafez have been used. Mojgan Shajarian says about the name of this album: “The name Arghavan tells the story of the suffering of the people of our land, as well as those who have been forced to emigrate but have never taken root in their homeland.

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September 26, 2021 | 6:50 pm