From Pure Mohammedan Islam to Modern Perspectives on A*al Relations

In a series of dramatic statements, Saeed Toosi, a devoted student of the Holy Quran, found himself entangled in a web of rumors and false accusations. The unfolding saga involves alleged conspiracies, conflicting stories, and calls for justice. As the Quranic community grapples with these shocking claims, the truth behind the accusations remains elusive. This article delves into the statements made by Saeed Toosi and the subsequent actions taken by the parties involved.

Denouncing Conspiracies and Falsehoods

In his initial statement, Saeed Toosi vehemently denied the allegations leveled against him. He expressed deep concern over the strange statistics and contradictory stories that were circulating in various media outlets, purportedly orchestrated by some “Jewish news agencies and websites.” Toosi claimed that certain individuals with hidden agendas aimed to tarnish the reputation of the Quranic community and its revered leaders.

Addressing the Supreme Leader with utmost respect, Toosi conveyed his distress at being implicated in these malicious schemes. He saw it as an attempt to undermine the authority and influence of the Quranic society. While he felt proud of being called the beloved Qari of the Supreme Leader, he also expressed shame that his name was associated with such fabricated accusations.

Complete Denial and Legal Action

On the same day, Saeed Toosi issued a second statement to deny all the accusations outright. He dismissed the documents and statements presented in the media as utterly false and on par with fictional movies. He asserted that he had maintained silence until then to protect the Quranic society from defamation, but he vowed to take legal action to preserve his dignity and reputation.

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August 4, 2023 | 8:50 pm