Esmail Qaani’s Restless Expression at Mohammad Reza Zahedi’s Funeral

Chapter 2: Esmail Qaani’s Ascension: The Weight of Leadership

As a consequence of assuming his role after Solaiman, not only did Ezmail Ghāni have leadership bestowed upon him but also all the difficulties and responsibilities involved. Born in 1957 in the city of Mashhad in northeast Iran, Qaani’s transition from a commander to the chief of Iran’s Quds Force exemplifies its complexities. His restless face during the ceremony revealed the immense weight of his duties, a consequence of the challenges he has faced over years of serving others in times of crisis. However, amid this solemn occasion, Qaani’s presence at the funeral was indicative of continuity and determination as long as Iran remained focused on its strategic goals.

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April 6, 2024 | 6:46 pm