Esmail Qaani’s Restless Expression at Mohammad Reza Zahedi’s Funeral

Chapter 7: The Global Impact of Qaani’s Leadership

Esmail Qaani’s influence in Iran’s Quds force has had a wide-ranging impact on regional as well as global security. One of the most influential military commanders in the Middle East makes him a man with much authority to steer proxy networks and alliances around the region for Iran. Therefore, his acts and decisions can determine how conflicts or power struggles unfold within the Middle East and beyond.

The other crucial aspect concerning Qaani’s leadership entails assisting allies and proxy groups engaged in conflicts against their supposed rivals. He has offered support to different groups allied with its interests, such as Hezbollah (Lebanon) and Houthis (Yemen). Such backing has enabled them to challenge their opponents’ dominance in order to achieve tactical goals set by Tehran across the region.

On one hand, however, it can be argued that his leadership greatly contributed to regional instability as well as conflict. This is because Iran’s backing for militias or proxy organizations has led to increased tensions and violence in countries like Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, thereby worsening humanitarian crises and undermining peace efforts made towards stability.

In this regard, there have also been concerns from Iran’s adversaries, particularly the United States and its allies within the region. The decision to impose sanctions on Qaani, as well as his unit in the military, can be seen as a manifestation of increasing international pressure on Iran to limit its support for proxy factions and terrorists.

Yet still, he remains an influential person in the military and political systems of Iran, regardless of these difficulties. He has made Iran strong by leading the Quds Force, which is among the strongest forces in the Middle East and is able to determine what will happen. As Iran continues to assert its influence in the Middle East, the role of Qaani becomes pivotal with regard to shaping events and, hence, determining future regional security and stability.


Funeral services held for Mohammad Reza Zahedi emphasized the complex nature of political and military structures within Iran. Leaders like Qaani will indeed shape the future direction of this country as it struggles with regional aggression and international tensions over border issues, among others. On the other hand, despite the funeral being a sad event, it demonstrated how Iranians were resilient and remained as a family. As Iran continues its journey, the memory of Zahedi and Qaani’s leadership will serve as guiding lights in the pursuit of a better future for generations to come.

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April 6, 2024 | 6:46 pm