Esmail Qaani’s Restless Expression at Mohammad Reza Zahedi’s Funeral


At Mohammad Reza Zahedi’s funeral, a solemn atmosphere enveloped the crowd, with all eyes on Esmail Qaani, the successor to Qasem Soleimani, as he paid his respects. Despite the somber occasion, Qaani’s face betrayed a restlessness, perhaps reflecting the weight of his responsibilities as commander of Iran’s Quds Force.

Zahedi’s tragic death due to an Israeli airstrike in Damascus that took place during the Syrian civil war united mourners from different parts of the country. Mourners watched not only Zahedi’s loved ones’ tears but also stoic representatives coming from military and provincial authorities, including himself (Qaani).

Qaani’s significance to Iran’s military and foreign policy landscape is underlined by his being chosen as the commander of the Quds Force after Soleimani died. During Zahedi’s burial ceremony, this restless face captures graphically some challenges leaders bear at such unsettled times.

Despite its importance as well as gravity, even in symbolism, Iranian people remained united and resilient during Mohammad Reza Zahedi‘s funerals.

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April 6, 2024 | 6:46 pm