Divorce of Reza Rooygari from his second wife, Tara Karimi, in Valenjak Court

Before the revolution, he acted in several theaters, such as under director Samuel Khachikian in 1352 in the series Chengak, and then, after the revolution in 1964, he returned to national television with the series Mahleh Sanat. Reza Ruigiri Reza Ruigiri has so far released three music albums to the art market with the names “From Love” “Ghogha” and “Casablanca”. He was also the singer of the famous hymn “Iran, Iran” at the beginning of the revolution. Reza Ruigiri, a well-known film and television actor, has been away from cinema and television for almost two years due to complications from a heart attack. During this time, it is his wife, Tara Karimi, who is by his side all the time and takes care of him. Reza Ruigiri is the first wife of Reza Ruigiri’s first wife, Fereshte Mirhashmi. The result of Reza Ruigiri’s first marriage with Fereshte Mirhashmi is his son Kiaresh Ruigiri, born in 1353, and an 8-year-old granddaughter. But in 2013, he separated from his first wife due to his opposition to Fereshte Mirhashmi’s work.

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May 5, 2023 | 11:52 pm