Divorce of Reza Rooygari from his second wife, Tara Karimi, in Valenjak Court

Reza Ruigiri Reza Ruigiri, a well-known film and television actor, has been away from cinema and television for almost two years due to complications from a heart attack. During this time, it is his wife, Tara Karimi, who is by his side all the time and takes care of him. Karimi, who is 26 years old and is 43 years younger than Rouyari, spoke about the story of his acquaintance with this handsome actress. I met Reza when I went to welcome him. Tara Karimi, who met Roygari in Shiraz, pointing out that he did not know that he was an actor before meeting, says: I did not know him as an actor at all, and I had not seen any of his work. To be honest, at the opening of a program in Shiraz, Reza Ruigiri was invited as a guest, and my friend was also in charge of hosting him. I met him for the first time when we went to the airport to welcome him, and we got to know each other during the few days he was there. My father was against our marriage.

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May 5, 2023 | 11:52 pm