Divorce of Reza Rooygari from his second wife, Tara Karimi, in Valenjak Court

Tara Karimi, who was only 23 years old when she married Royari, says about his parents’ opposition to this marriage: My father was against it, and even my older sister kept telling me what happened. “You had another plan for your life and didn’t want to get married! But it happened anyway. Many people said that Reza is your father’s place and beware of this marriage, but I didn’t care what people said. Reza had a house, which she sold so that her son would not go to prison. This young woman said about the economic situation of Ruiraj when she married him: When I married Reza, we got married with only one ring. Reza had a house, which he sold so that his son would not go to jail for not paying the dowry. Even the house we live in is rented. Reza Rouigiri started acting by performing in a theater; he says that in this show they needed an actor who can both sing and act, so I accepted this role and thus entered the field of acting.

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May 5, 2023 | 11:52 pm