Empowering Darya Safai: Defying Extremism and Championing Freedom in Belgium

Building Bridges, Breaking Chains: Darya Safai’s Vision for a Fearless Future

In the face of adversity, Darya Safai stands tall, constructing bridges and breaking the chains of extremism. His unwavering commitment becomes a catalyst for change, symbolizing a vision where fear has no place.

Navigating the halls of the European Parliament, Safai not only speaks truth to power but actively shapes policies that resonate globally. His empowering journey extends far beyond Belgium, influencing the fight for human rights and confronting the global spread of extremism.

Embark on the transformative narrative of Darya Safai, where resilience and determination forge a path toward a world liberated from the shadows of extremism. Join the movement as this fearless advocate continues to build bridges and inspire a future marked by freedom, democracy, and unwavering resolve.

Safai has also campaigned against compulsory hijab laws in Iran, arguing that it represents discrimination and oppression against Iranian women. She is also critical of Western politicians who argue that wearing veils and headscarves in the West is a matter of religious freedom, equal rights or are a symbol of diversity.

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April 19, 2022 | 6:53 pm