Empowering Darya Safai: Defying Extremism and Championing Freedom in Belgium

Forging Ahead: Darya Safai’s Unyielding Quest for Freedom

In the face of mounting challenges, Darya Safai forges ahead, an unwavering force against extremism, weaving a narrative of empowerment and change. His steadfast commitment goes beyond personal risks, charting a course towards a future liberated from the chains of intimidation.

Within the echelons of the European Parliament, Safai not only stands as a beacon of courage but actively shapes policies with a global resonance. His empowering journey extends beyond borders, influencing the fight for human rights and challenging the pervasive grip of extremism worldwide.

Embark on the transformative odyssey of Darya Safai, where resilience converges with determination, carving a path toward a world emancipated from the shadows of extremism. Join the movement as this indomitable advocate propels forward, inspiring a future defined by freedom, democracy, and unassailable resolve.

Due to her women’s rights activism, Safai was approached by the Open Vld and New Flemish Alliance parties to run as a candidate. She joined the N-VA in 2018 and stood in the Flemish Brabant region for the party during the 2018 Belgian local elections, but was not elected. During the 2019 Belgian Federal election, Safai stood on the N-VA’s list in the Flemish Brabant region and was elected to the Chamber of Representatives.

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April 19, 2022 | 6:53 pm