Darya Safai became a member of the European Parliament

Darya Safai (born 7 April 1975) is an human rights activist. In 2014 she founded the group ‘Let Women Enter Their Stadiums’ to strive for the right of women to attend sport games in stadiums. She uses the stadium ban as a symbol of one of the many discriminations Iranian women are confronted with on a daily basis. Before starting his acting career with Sam and Narges, in 1998 he gained fame as the guitarist of the Iranian music band, Arian band. He is now a singer of the Rezzar Band led by Hamed Baradaran. He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Islamic Azad University. Golzar started his music career in 1998 as a guitarist with one of his close friends Arian Sajadi. He has played guitar, organ and percussion with Arian Sajadi.

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April 19, 2022 | 6:53 pm