Ali Khomeini, criticizing the approach of government officials, called “the solution” the “return” of sovereignty to the people

Economic corruptions are not the beauty of the system, but the root of all these corruptions is lying; if we never lie, corruption will not happen! It is not true to say that all the officials are traitors and thieves because these officials were elected by the people, and I am in contact with many of them who are sympathetic to the system and the people. Some think that expressions such as freedom of speech came from the West, while freedom of speech originated from the words of the great founder of the Revolution in the country. The language of criticism should not be turned into the language of sports hatred; fairness should be observed in criticism; just as ignoring efforts is unfair, not reporting and not paying for deficiencies also hurts the system. If you state where there is a weakness, you should also point out where there is a strength.

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January 16, 2023 | 7:05 pm