Ali Khomeini, criticizing the approach of government officials, called “the solution” the “return” of sovereignty to the people

Ali Khomeini demanded not to underestimate “identity” and to respect it, defended his grandfather’s approach, and called following his policies “the solution to all problems.” However, the policies of his grandfather, who laid the foundation of the Republic, were criticized many times in the nationwide uprising of 1401; in the protests, in addition to the pictures of the current leader, the pictures of the former leader of the Islamic Republic were also burned. For this reason, Ali Khomeini, ignoring the slogans that directly targeted Ruhollah Khomeini or the principle of the Islamic Republic of Iran, or tearing his pictures from textbooks, claimed that his method is “to the nation and society, the way to our exaltation,” and that “all problems” are “solved” by following Khomeini’s policies.

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January 16, 2023 | 7:05 pm